I Was A Yazidi Slave

I was a Yazidi Slave

I was approached by the amazing Nicolas Kent at Oxford Film and Television to work on. Today, 3 years later , it is out and i am very proud of it.

‘I was a Yazidi Slave’ made its london BBC Four debut last night. The work was fulfilling and working with the likes of Director David Evans, Criminal Lawyer Philippe Sands and Psychiatrist Jan Kizilhan was one of those rare moments in my career where I felt :’ Gosh I am Lucky’.

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Human Milk campaign

Here is a project pretty close to my heart. My friend Claire contacted me back in 2014 and asked me if I would like to help her make a film to normalise breastfeeding attitudes, talk more about the science and create a portal for mothers who can breastfeed to use.

Knowing Claire I knew she was unto something big. I accepted the challenge and we took it onboard teaming up with her amazing TinyHumans team.

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