Dana Trometer / Producer – Editor


Here is a project pretty close to my heart. My friend Claire contacted me back in 2014 and asked me if I would like to help her make a film to normalise breastfeeding attitudes, talk more about the science and create a portal for mothers who can breastfeed to use.

Knowing Claire I knew she was unto something big. I accepted the challenge and we took it onboard teaming up with her amazing TinyHumans team.

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I  helped this lovely French Boyband ‘Destan’ to film their upcoming new song ‘Sans Toi’ in London.

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For three years, I have Produced and managed Khawater Show across Europe under the supervision of Eproducers in Egypt.

The services provided included : supplying equipment, crews, contributors, access to locations, permits and insurance.

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frontline pbs syria archive researcher london

I have collaborated as a video archivist and researcher on this PBS-US  documentary on the Syrian Regime.

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panorama bbc london producer

I have collaborated as an assistant producer with Jane Corbin on this BBC London TV documentary for Panorama.

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A 2 hour special series on Arabspring for BBC2 , broadcast Sep 2011. The story of how the Arab world erupted in revolution, as a new generation used the internet and social media to try to overthrow their hated leaders.

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To celebrate International Peace Day

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This film was shot and edited within one week on location in Glasgow to subsequently be broadcast in Bahrain whilst the musicians were still on tour.

Shifting Sands is an ongoing British Council initiative, bringing together musicians from the UK and around the Arabian Peninsula.

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