Dana Trometer / Producer – Editor

My latest Profile:

I have worked for the last 20 years as a TV & Film Editor for commissioned & independent projects.

I started producing & directing in 2008 and found that my knowledge of 3 languages ( Arabic, french and english) made me hit a niche market very rarely found around production people in London.

I was proud to direct and edit was a 3 part series of one hour documentaries on WW1 through Arab Eyes for Al Jazeera International network .

I have been busy working with some of the best production companies in London, Europe and the Middle East alongside my own business ‘Burst Pictures’, a film agency with my partner Eric .

Together we have managed to work on big corporates and I produced and edited short corporates for companies like ‘The Edge Picture Company’, Mentorn, PBS and others for clients like Roche, Shell, Abu Dhabi Government and some of Tarmak Media‘s long standing clients like the World Bank , UNDP, UNHCR, Victoria and Albert museum and many other cultural outlets out there.

In 2011 I worked on documentaries for NGOs and British TVs (BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 and ITV) as a producer and self shooting AP for prime time investigative pieces on the ‘Arab Spring’ (Panorama BBC1 , Jazeera Witness, ITV, PBS USA , Arte France & Germany etc…)

I am a social media queen and very proud of it. I run online campaigns and create content for brands.

I am a technical.

I breath creativity.

I am easy going.

I have a strong ability to solve problems on the spot.

My main passion remains “TO TELL STORIES”.

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