About Me

I have worked for the last 20 years as a TV & Film Editor for commissioned & independent projects.

I started producing & directing in 2008 and found that my knowledge of 3 languages ( Arabic, French and English) made me hit a niche market in London.

I am proud to have directed and edited a 3 x 1 hr series documentaries on WW1 through Arab Eyes for Al Jazeera International network .

I have been busy working with some of the best production companies in London, Europe and the Middle East alongside my own business ‘Burst Pictures’, a film agency with my partner Eric .

Together we have managed to work on big corporates and I produced and edited short corporates for companies like ‘The Edge Picture Company’ and some of Burst Pictures‘ long standing clients like the World Bank , UNDP, UNHCR, Victoria and Albert museum and many other cultural outlets out there.

In 2011 I worked on documentaries for NGOs and British TVs (BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 and ITV) as a producer and self shooting AP for prime time investigative pieces on the ‘Arab Spring’ (Panorama BBC1 , Jazeera Witness, ITV, PBS USA & Arte)

I am a social media queen and very proud of it. I run online media campaigns and create content for brands.

I am a technical.

I breath creativity.

I am easy going.

I have a strong ability to solve problems on the spot.

My main passion is “TO TELL STORIES”.

Interview with the FCO : ‘I want my films to bridge East and West’

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