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here is a good talk by the great Walter Murch :

Walter Murch: Making the Right Editing Choices & Switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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هكذا رسم كحيل
According to Kahil
Middle East Cartoons Selections between 1980 – 2000
A great coffee table book gift for someone special
Mahmoud Kahil - محمود كحيل
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The attack on #CharlieHebdo magazine headquarters is a stark reminder that we live in a very dangerous world. 

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I am a woman and I am dramatic.

I watched the following film and did not stop crying like an idiot.

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My father

My father is Mahmoud Kahil  a great cartoonist whom I loved so dearly til the moment he left me…

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Here is one of the interesting episodes of Khawater series #9 which I helped produce in Europe this year. This episode deals with transport and the UK black cab.

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