Khawater Series 6, 7 & 9

For three years, I have Produced and managed Khawater Show across Europe under the supervision of Eproducers in Egypt.

The services provided included : supplying equipment, crews, contributors, access to locations, permits and insurance.


The countries I have experience producing in for this series are: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, France and the UK.

Throughout this production I have secured, along a team of associate producers, access for our client to places such as a Butler Academy in Holland , Bastoy prison in Norway, top Educational Institutions in Scandinavia, Parliaments and Courthouses, City Sewage Networks and Hospitals.

I have researched all kinds of subjects from transport, education, law and order, environment, health to ancient history and culture.

Khawater 7: Scandinavia


Ice Fishing event competition ‘Championship of Lake Lohjanjärvi – Finland


Dana Trometer & Mohamed Abdel Samad attaching camera to glider
Khawater 2009


Ahmed Al Shugairy, star of Khawater preparing for lift off
Khawater 2009


Ahmad Al Shugairy showing off the islamic ‘Rolex’
16th century Astrolab sample
Khawater 2009


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