Human Milk campaign

Here is a project pretty close to my heart. My friend Claire contacted me back in 2014 and asked me if I would like to help her make a film to normalise breastfeeding attitudes, talk more about the science and create a portal for mothers who can breastfeed to use.

Knowing Claire I knew she was unto something big. I accepted the challenge and we took it onboard teaming up with her amazing TinyHumans team.

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Open Online Theatre Promo

Open online theatre is a new way of creating performance art. It’s a space where audiences can interact with artists to create performances together, no matter where they all are in the world. It’s just the start and we’re sure this platform will evolve over time, as new performances are co-created and new ideas are born.

Please visit Open Online Theatre ( to know more

Produced By BURST (Tarmak Films Ltd)


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