Diary Of An Art Competition (Under Curfew)

had a great time cutting that little cute piece for sake of art during curfew in west bank 2002 . Art exhibit under curfew for A.M. Qattan Foundation is one of the simple little pleasures i loved doing. thank you Omar Al-Qattan for digging into a beautiful past !
COPIED From Director Omar Qattan:

Found this nice little video diary I made in 2002 about the A.M. Qattan Foundation’s second Young Artist of the Year Award, which we held under curfew! It’s now on vimeo and only 16 minutes long (and sorry about the quality). Several of these young artists are now touring the world with their works including Hani Zurob and Steve Sabella!

وجدت هذه اليوميات المصورة اللطيفة والتي صورتها عام ٢٠٠٢ عندما قمنا بتنظيم ثاني مسابقة الفنان الشاب في مؤسسة القطان وذلك في ظروف منع التجول . والظريف أن عدداً من هؤلاء الشباب أصبح اليوم يجول معارض العالم بأعماله .

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